Monday, September 24, 2012

June 16 - day off

Lapland Longspur, a common bird even in camp - sometimes singing from the tops of our tents

As of today two of the eight people will have the day off each day, to let people recharge, have some downtime, and stay on top of data entry. Brad and I got today off so that we could sleep in after the Buff-breasted Sandpiper extravaganza last night. With the late bedtime of after 3am I slept until almost noon!
View of the cook tent looking north. Barrels of food, water filtration units, and buckets of water make up most of our patio area.

One of the funny things about sleep up here is that it doesn’t really matter when you sleep, since the light is basically always the same from inside your tents. Without a time-telling device you have no way of knowing the time at all, not even a general idea if it is cloudy or foggy! The other day I woke up at 3am, and at the time thought it was already 9am for some reason – luckily I was incorrect.

Nice and bright in my tent here - you wouldn't know it was around 3am!

The wind is present again today in the low teens, but the sun is still abundant. Most of the day today just felt like an elaborate camping trip: sleeping in late, sitting around writing and eating, and even calling home! The “camping experience” was broken only by duties such as data entry and carrying a gun around – not your standard camping activities.

View of the inside of the data tent, with Scott at the computer table


Bill Ryan said...

If you took 400 photos in one evening, how did you keep from filling up your memory card for the whole 6 weeks? Did anyone fire their rifle during your stay? Did you carry your rifle at all times while out and about?

Ian Davies said...

I took 400, and edited it down to just over a hundred or so from that night. Most days I wasn't as prolific, and I also brought my computer along as an external harddrive - I charged it using the solar panels and uploaded photos twice during my time there. I ended up with just under 1,000 photos from the time there on my SLR, and 800 or so from my iPhone.